Water With Blessings for Kenya: Special Letter

Water With Blessings For Kenya: Special Letter

We are very grateful and blessed for the recent update from Revered David Morman who is a part of our partnership team with the Bismark Catholic Mission (African Mission) in Kenya. Here’s the wonderful news we received from Fr. David about the work that is being done to equip Water Women in his own words:

Greetings from Gekano Parish in the Diocese of Kisii.

During these days of the pandemic, life has changed for all of us.  We have been able to continue to do training with groups of five women as we follow the protocols of the government limiting the size of public gatherings, the wearing of face masks, social distancing, etc.  We are fortunate.

Attached is a picture of the letter from a child whose mother received a water filter and bucket.  The letter is addressed to “Mama maji,” that is “Water Mother,” who would be Lilian Kwamboka who coordinates WWB at the Mission.  The ministry of WWB touches the lives of many.

The text in the letter:

i Dear Mama maji (water mother),


Thank you for joining us in this wonderful mission (of) clean water for God’s thirsty children.  Never forget that you are a water woman!  Because you care and share more children will be healthy and happy.  You are the blessing in water blessings (Water With Blessings).  Mothers and grandmothers who are water women are helping God to bring clean water to children.  These are women with big hearts.


My mother loves me so much!  She wants me to be healthy so I feel strong and happy every day because she has special filter that will make water clean.


Asante kwa yote uliotupea.  Tumeshukuru.  Tunasema katika kundi cha mama maji.  Tunasema usitusahau.  Utukumbuke siku nyingine.  Mkipata kitu kingine mtuongeza.  Tunawaomba na sisi mtuombee.  (Thank you for all you have given us.  “We are grateful,” we say in the water mother group.  Remember us on another day if you have something else to give us.  We are praying for you and you, please, pray for us.)


Thank you, God, for the blessing of clean water in our family.  Thank you for my God loves me.


Your(s) faithfull(y),

Clean water (child)



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