Partner With Us: International Projects

Water With Blessings offers partnership opportunities for churches, clubs, or civic organizations that want to bring the impact of sustainable potable water to their mission site.

In brief, our Mission Partners commit to a full and faithful implementation of the Water Woman program, as set forth in this online Covenant of Mission Partnership. All Mission Partners sign this Covenant at the point of decision, when they are ready to move forward with a project. 

Mission Partner leaders attend 3 required 90-minute training sessions

Key Points of the Water Woman Program:

  • For mothers, or those who act as mothers in the community.
  • All Water Woman make a sacred promise in their own faith to filter drinking water for 3 additional households besides their own.
  • The program must be entirely separate from any proselytization activities: the opportunity to become a Water Woman may not be linked to church membership, ethnic group, political party, or any other defined group beyond household location within a certain geographic boundary.
  • All Water Woman are chosen through drawing of names, as set forth in the Part 2: Process Manual.
  • Water Woman Teachers are recruited from local women, of the same or close socio-economic class.
  • For a Sponsorship Fee of $75 per Water Woman WWB provides Sawyer PointONE filters, buckets, water storage pouches, training materials, training support, GIS program (Water Woman registrations, distribution verification, Water Woman prayer cards, etc.) and may also provide international shipping as needed.

Unique Features of the Water Woman Program

  • A “human solution” ~ technology in the hands of the mothers.
  • Centered exclusively on mothers for targeted focus on children under age 5.
  • Program taught by local people.
  • Exclusive use of the Sawyer PointONE filter. Widely acknowledged as the most impactful program of distribution for this product.
  • GIS (Geographic Information Systems) ~ Internet-based data collection, mapping, reports, prayer cards ~ all from data entered on a simple phone app, off-grid if necessary.

Powerful Impact

  • Data-proven, sustainably healthier communities. Dramatic reduction (>95%) of diarrhea in children <5 years of age. The only program to demonstrate successful prevention of renewed outbreaks of waterborne disease, such as cholera.
  • Circumvents the power dynamics common to most aid projects in communities of survival.
  • Mothers rise to the status of heroes for their communities: empowerment at the most pragmatic level.
  • More peaceful communities: sharing potable water without cost builds friendship, mutual appreciation and respect.

Household vs Infrastructure for Long-Range Impact

  • Infrastructure projects can fail in many unanticipated ways, for many unanticipated reasons.
  • A network of Water Women for a community puts everyone within reach of potable water for less than $20 US per household. The human solution system is durable, resilient, and brings benefits beyond improved community health outcomes.

Special Options:

  • Latin American projects can be implemented under the expert guidance of WWB Team Honduras: all Honduran.
  • Haitian projects are implemented by the intensively experienced WWB Team Haiti: all Haitian.

Everything about the WWB Water Woman program is proven to support the Sawyer PointONE filter for long-term field impact. We spend twice as much for quadruple the impact!