Crocheted Filter Socks

Did you know that for $75 you can help change the lives of four families in this world? Of course you do, you’ve helped us empower over 100,000 Water Women, plus change the lives of their and three other families.  But did you know that every Water Women of the world that receives each filter kit from Water With Blessings is sent off with a little extra love in the form of a crocheted filter “sock.”


The “sock” fits over a standard Sawyer PointONE filter and serves as a cushion of protection in case a filter is dropped on a hard surface. The filter is a wonderful lifesaving device, so we want to do everything we can to help the women who receive them meet that lifetime potential for clean water! Each unique, handmade sock also adds a personal touch that carries a special message to the Water Woman who receives it. She knows that someone took the time to “pray and crochet” for her, which is an added blessing that will help her in her new ministry.

Craft: Hangup Loops

Over the years, our crafter friends have come together to make thousands of crocheted covers to protect the Sawyer PointONE filters used by our Water Women. Now we have a new craft that will protect another important piece of our filter kit, the cleanout syringe. The syringe is used to backflush the filter, clearing sediment and debris, and ensuring a family’s lifetime supply of clean water! This decorated hanging loop will help keep the syringe safe and readily available.


The HangUp Loop is a simple, family friendly project can be crocheted or braided. So, gather the family, click through the instructions below, and let the crafting begin.

Quilting Instructions: