What’s the greatest cause of illness and death for small children?

Would you believe it’s as simple as dirty water?

What’s the solution?

Would you believe it’s as simple as mothers and filters?

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Simple means human ~ it means women willing to serve their neighbors
Simple means cost-efficient ~ about $5 per person served for 10 or more years
Simple means sustainable ~ starting with a guaranteed lifetime filter
Simple means immediate ~ where infrastructure solutions are years away
from implementation

We simply empower women to provide clean drinking water for their children,their families and their neighbors in a community web of Water Women. Just 1 Water Woman for every 4 community households is enough for everyone to be drinking safe water.

It’s a simple plan for sharing water filters so that more communities can be helped more quickly, simply to save more children, now.It all began in 2008 with 10 Water Women in Honduras.Now there’s 185,000 worldwide, in an ever-spreading web of clean water


Determined to Show the Difference

Kansas City WBW supporters simply love this simple solution ~
so much that they’ve formed Team WBW KC to tackle an audacious, bold goal:

Proof of Concept: Many thousands of healthy Honduran children
Simply flood Honduras with so many Water Women that anyone can see the
simple truth: before and after Water Women, there’s a big, big difference:

No more chronic suffering from frequent vomiting and runny tummy.
No more intestinal parasites robbing precious nutrition from a child’s small body.
No more sudden death from early childhood diarrhea or dysentery.

We simply want to see a Honduras full of healthy children ~
for their sake, for the sake of God’s thirsty children all over a thirsty world.

WBW KC Team Founder Chris Chaney loves to quote Albert Einstein:
There are five ascending levels of intellect: Smart, intelligent, brilliant,
genius and… simple!

The WBW KC Team!

WBW KC Team Founder Chris Chaney

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Michelle Burge
Katie Chaney
Jen Harris

Dave Hellen
Kelly Manning
Jim Tiehan

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