Ongoing Support to Areas in Need:


Honduras is the birthplace of Water With Blessings! We’re incredibly proud of our Honduras Country Team; women and men who head out across their country to bring the blessing of clean water to remote and hard-to-reach communities, such as tribal villages in La Moskitia region.


WWB Board Member Tammy Zippay Reid is traveling soon to Tanzania, where she will meet up with our field partners there ~ friends and ministry associates of Fr. Augustine Temu, of the Diocese of Tanga. Tammy and her husband Greg are transporting a duffel bag of 60 Water Woman Kits; including training materials, Sawyer PointONE filters, and all the hardware needed to install the filters on buckets that will be purchased in country. She will be handing them off to Sr. Oliva, a Tanzanian sister who has helped launch this very new but greatly needed initiative in the Kilamanjaro region. As generous supporters, Tammy and Greg have sponsored a goodly number of the kits they are carrying, but we still need sponsors for about 20 in that package, and more for shipments yet to come! Watch this space and our social media for updates from Tammy as she meets Sr. Oliva, explores Tanzania, and returns home with experiences to share.


For several years, our program in Uganda has been building steadily under the guidance of Jim, our wonderful WWB Volunteer. Thanks to his leadership, a team of Ugandan women and men is ready to start training 150 mothers every month in northern Uganda. They’ll be expanding WWB among the Sudanese war refugees in UN settlements


This amazing volunteer Country Team of Filipino women and men takes great pride in going out to remote, underserved communities on the many tiny islands that make up this vast country. For a number of years they’ve been training about 240 mothers each month, but they want to do more! Please consider sponsoring some Water Women for this beautiful country

Puerto Rico:

When Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico in 2017, WWB was there in record time, to bring lifesaving clean water to storm survivors. We’re still struggling to comprehend how US citizens in a nearby US territory can be living without safe drinking water, but we know how we can change that. We dream of going back to our 2017 volunteers in Puerto Rico, 


A volunteer team of Ecuadorian women is working with the Daughters of Charity in Uganda to raise up Water Women for remote tribal communities. They undertake long, difficult journeys to bring the blessing of clean water to people that most of the world ignores, training perhaps 30-60 mothers each month. This team would love to be able to train 150 mothers each month. Why?

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