Navajo Nation
Introduction To The Project
Navajo Nation
Introduction To The Project
Navajo Nation
Introduction To The Project
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Click below for a printout: Intro Brochure for Navajo Families

Do you live on the Navajo Nation reservation?
Are you worried about your drinking water?
We are too!

Take control of your drinking water!

We have a Sawyer PointONE filter to offer you. It’s EPA certified to remove 99.999999% of all bio-contaminants. Click here to learn more details about the filter.

All we ask in return is that you honor the gift, by taking care of the filter as taught, and honor the blessing, by paying it forward in some way. Prayer for those who don’t have clean water is one excellent way to honor the blessing.

Call Juli to learn more and receive your Sawyer PointONE filter from Water With Blessings. 928-871-4171

Heavy metals? Sadly, those cannot be so easily removed. Instead, harvest rainwater, and then use our filter to remove the bio-contaminants (wigglies and other things.) You’ll be amazed at the delicious, free water. Just don’t harvest from a tar paper roof!

Let’s honor our Mother Earth. Did you know that empty water bottles last 450 years or more? Is it worthwhile to dishonor our Mother Earth for the sake of convenience? Let’s bottle our own water in safe glass jars or metal water bottles, for the sake of generations to come.

Can you help us distribute filters in your Navajo community? Call Julie, 928-471-4171, to learn how.

Special thanks to our project partners!

  • Louisville Water Foundation
  • Navajo Westerners Ace Hardware
  • Numerous Generous Donors

A Special Gift Today for the Navajo Nation

Navajo Nation Project Question


We are mothers and missioners bringing clean water to God’s thirsty children.

As Water With Blessings…we equip and empower and entrust mothers to become Water Women: compassionate mothers to become agents of change in their communities who filter clean water for their families and neighbors. And…we equip and empower and entrust missioners to join us as Mission Partners, bringing the Water With Blessings ministry to their mission sites.

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Read More About the flagship WWB Women Program for other Countries

Mothers and community


We’re a community for mission, beginning with over 100K mothers who serve as Water Women for their own and 3 other families.


We know that mothers make the difference for their children.


Our program allows mothers to make the difference for their communities as well.

Our Mission community


Equip: with Sawyer PointONE filters, top-rated


Empower: with award-winning training program


Entrust: mothers sign a sacred covenant to filter for other families around them