Want to host your own Art Show event?


We gathered together members of the Parish and School community to plan via a zoom call.

During this call we discussed what roles various groups would take,what we would create ( we created clay coil pottery and painted glass vases along with inspirational posters based on quotes that referenced water in scripture),any ideas we had—. Everyone had a role to play! 


Consider roles like:

Who will create the art and when-we had Grade5-8 make pottery and K-4 make water related scripture quote inspirational drawings or paintings. During class we used the WWB website and viewed the video on water women. We discussed the mission and selected to support the current Navajo nation project as our fundraising focus.

How long will it take to make the art and specific gathering times for outside of school participants -we spent about 6 weeks total making the art in school and held a one half day event for youth ministry students from the parish to come and paint. Volunteers helped out with setting up tables, making stations on the tables with supplies,welcoming students,suggesting ideas for water related images ,and cleaning up after the event. 

Who will purchase art supplies needed.

Who will set up artwork displays–tables or places to hang art along with materials needed.

When and where to hold the event-we set up on  Saturday in our gathering hall area so parishioners would be able to see the work.The actual event ran one weekend on Saturday and Sunday. We then were able to leave the art on display for the following two weeks.

Who will advertise and promote the event-we used the parish bulletin,school constant contact email system. We kept it simple and gave information about Water with Blessings work along with the cost of $75 to provide one Sawyer One Point filter. These were created on the computer and placed in acrylic display holders on tables before the event and hung up in our school as well as sent via email to families.

We had small bottles of Holy Water with a printed scroll house blessing attached as a gift for anyone who donated. They also selected a clay jar or glass vase to take with them.

Who will handle the donations and send the donation to WWB. We asked simply for donations and they would receive the clay jar or painted vase along with the Holy Water and house blessing.

Who will prepare the Holy Water and house blessing materials or whatever a group decides to have as a thank you to the donors.



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