Philippines: Balikbayan Boxes

Join us for a special drive-thru event to support our work in the Philippines… and support orphans there!


Today we’re all ‘driving-thru’ – for coffee, for lunch; heck, even for our groceries.


Filipinos know all about drive-thrus to drop off their “balikbayan boxes” for special shipping of gifts to family in the Philippines.

We’re partnering with My BalikBayan LLC to raise awareness for our work in the Philippines, especially with the Franciscan Oikos Sisters.


We’ve known and loved these wonderful Filipino nuns for years, as they were our first partners in the Philippines. Recently we’ve been approached by this balikbayan box company with a history of helping orphans by shipping contributions. When they told us they were looking for a trustworthy orphanage, we knew just who that would be!

Water filters, Christmas gifts for orphans, boxes to family back home… it’s all coming together on Saturday, August 15, 1-5 pm at 103 N. Madison Ave., 40243. (And again on September 12!)


BalikBayan LLC will be collecting for orphans…and you certainly don’t have to be Filipino to help out! This collection will focus on school supplies, flip-flops, t-shirts, cotton shorts, or sundresses. Children’s vitamins and OTC meds will also be hugely appreciated.


WWB will be raising funds to send more filters to the sisters for the village they’re building for homeless families. We’ll have wonderful masks for sale, created by our great friend Barbara Oesteritter (like we said, if you have to wear one, it might as well be beautiful). Charlotte Ford’s great craft work will also be available for purchase, to support her project of sending handmade dolls to the children in time for Christmas.


We’ll also have our regular soap and coffee for sale.


Please spread the word, and come out to see our first balikbayan drive thru event!



Written By; Eddie Bauer

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