JUST IN: A Heartbreaking Appeal from Hurricane Victims in Honduras

JUST IN: A Heartbreaking Appeal from Hurricane Victims in Honduras


We’ve just launched a campaign to reach hurricane victims in Honduras, where close to 1 million people on the north coast are affected. Our contacts there reached out to us with a desperate appeal for water filters. Now we have 5000 Sawyer PointONE filters ready to send, thanks to 2500 provided by Quality Home Products (Houston), and a match of 2500 provided by Sawyer Products. So all we need is the funding to ship, buy buckets and other supplies, and support our Honduras team in the field for the coming weeks.


With the filters already provided, our sponsorship per Water Woman is down to $50 for this campaign. Your end-of-year giving will go even further than usual, matched by Quality Home Products and Sawyer Products! And because these Water Women are among hurricane victims, we are confident they will be filtering for many more than the usual 4 families.  We received the photo below yesterday: how heartbreaking to know that these are just a few of thousands of children who are hoping for clean water in the area affected by the hurricane. Luis, our contact who provided  the photo, is especially concerned about the inevitability of a rise in COVID-19 cases in the area. Desperate survivors like these children are crowding into shelters, and the virus is already spreading again. Clean water is even more critical where COVID-19 is weakening compromised children and adults. suffering will be tremendous.

As I finalize this letter, Hurricane Iota is making landfall as a Category 5, and sweeping across Honduras.


With those generous tax benefits in mind, I hope and pray you can consider an extra generous gift for your final gift of the year, so that we can get clean water to Honduran victims of Hurricane Eta.

To Support This Campaign for Honduras, Follow The Link Bellow.
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