Coffee Chat: Virtual Trip to Honduras

Coffee Chat: A Continuing Source of Mutual Support, But A New Permanent Time.

Here in the Louisville area, the weather is changing and the cool Autumn air has replaced Summer’s heat and humidity. That means a warm cup of coffee or tea goes just fine with a lunchtime Coffee Chat.

Remember, we have moved the time permanently to a noon chat every Friday. Water With Blessings has friends and supporters all over the country, this gives more people a chance to join us.
This week coffee chat (10/9, 12PM EST) we will take a trip to Honduras, if the internet connection and the Zoom application hold up.
We will visit the home of one of our Water Women, Reina. Sr. Larraine has taken people to visit Reina over the years, and the door is open to us.
So if our old time was too early for you, please consider clicking below to be a part of the conversation. Then grab a mid-day beverage and fire up the connection. Once you join us, we think you will want to make it a habit.
Author: Eddie

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