Our solution to the water crisis is simple: an inexpensive, home-based filtration system, an empowered community, and you. Read on and we’ll explain.

A Simple Bucket And a Small Filter

Using technology inspired by our own biology, the Sawyer PointONE filter system functions much like kidney dialysis does to filter out impurities in the water, leaving clean, drinkable water.  

This amazingly effective filter can be set up in five minutes. It requires only a 5-gallon container and the filtration kit. 

It is simple enough that adults of all education levels can learn how to use it.  No electricity, no complicated maintenance… guaranteed for a lifetime of clean, safe water!

Facts At A Glance

We use Sawyer PointONE filters

Simple to use and maintain

Millions of gallons of safe water at one fixed price

Mothers And Their Communities

We have learned that effective technology is only the first step in bringing clean water to God’s thirsty children.  A sustainable, long-lasting solution depends on other  factors, including committed partnerships. We have found that mothers are ideal partners in our quest to change the reality of dirty water in marginal communities.  Mothers are uniquely concerned for the health and well-being of their children, and have proven to be reliable partners for bringing clean water to the most vulnerable children. We invite mothers to make a faith-based commitment, for we know that adding “the God-Spark” will charge and sustain a mother for compassionate, joyful service to her family and neighbors… and that means the resources we invest will be maximized to the fullest possible impact.
To become Water Women, mothers attend a training that is both spiritual and practical.  They are empowered to help prevent the spread of waterborne illness and equipped with a filter to share clean water. They sign a covenant, a sacred commitment to God and their community that they will use their filters to serve others. Then they go forth to love and serve their God and neighbor, through a daily, life-saving ministry of filtering water.  What better witness could they be?

And You!

You’ve read this far because you share our passion for God’s thirsty children, and you’re intrigued by our unique solution for this challenge.  It takes energy, resources, and partnerships to create Water Women!  As a donor, volunteer, or even mission partner, you can bring the Water Woman ministry to your thirsty brothers and sisters.  I’m interested!  So, how can I help?

Are you a missioner? Do you want to be one? We need you as a partner!

Rather than expend resources on setting up a network of sites, we entrust short-term and long-term missioners to carry our mission to their own sites. After all, you as missioner have established the relationships and gained the cultural competency that would take us years to replicate. We continue to build our core ministry in Honduras, but thanks to our Mission Partners, we are also growing the Water Woman ministry in South Sudan, India, Nepal, Bolivia, Liberia, Kenya, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Haiti… currently 45+ countries worldwide and growing!