Safe water is a fundamental human right. Yet around the planet, people of all ages fall ill and die because of contaminated water. The World Health Organization attributes two million deaths annually to unsafe water, sanitation, and hygiene.



Let’s be clear: water is available, at a price. But this price is beyond the scope of most of who need it. Too often, families must choose: food or water? Medicine or water? Transportation or water? School supplies or water?
The better question is: Why should they have to choose? Tap water is a luxury many do not have, and bottled drinking water is not a long-term solution. Not to mention, bottled drinking water has a negative environmental impact that is beyond belief. (Don’t get us started.)

But we found a solution that empowers families who need safe drinking water. Instead of being dependent on outside sources, like the government, or bottled water manufacturers, we put pure water in the hands of those who need it the most.

In our own experience: nothing is more important to physical well-being than clean, safe water... nothing.

As an organization made up of experienced missioners, we share your concerns for the wide range of needs in your mission site… education, housing, nutrition, medical care… We came to understand that dirty water was undermining all our mission efforts. Children with scholarships were distracted from their studies by chronic parasites and other water-borne illness. The individuals our doctors treated for parasites were re-infected within months, if not weeks. Nutrition was compromised by illness and parasites…. you get the idea.

Access to clean water will yield overnight improvements in health outcomes in a community.  The challenge?  Finding the technology and program model that yields the greatest impact for investment, is not compromised by power factors and accessibility issues, builds rather than divides community, and engages the recipients as full and equal participants.  Those are the challenges that led to the Water With Blessings solution.  Interested in learning more? Read about our simple solution to the water crisis.